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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Most people not aware of 'GREEN' buildings

Most people not aware of 'GREEN' buildings
Lack of awareness among buyers regarding ‘green’ buildings has given real estate developers in Ahmedabad a leeway to ignore consumers, claims a study done by 150 undergraduate students from the Faculty of Technology, CEPT University. On Saturday, as part of Engineers’ Day celebrations, FoT students undertook a techno-social study that was released by CEPT University Director Bimal Patel. The study was titled, ‘Impact and response of real estate developers and consumers towards green construction in Ahmedabad’.

Four ‘green’ buildings were taken up for the study and students also conducted a field survey of 300 people. The study concluded that 67 per cent people were not aware of ‘green’ buildings.

“Green buildings focus on striking a balance between controlling negative impact on environment and providing a comfortable habitat for occupants, and they are supposed to reduce operational cost of buildings,” said FoT student Parshva Shah.

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