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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Now you don’t need to waste hours searching for property!

Now Home Buyers do not need to spend hours and hours searching for right property!
For your benefit, we have invented a new way to search Residential Projects, code named ‘Project Compass.

The ‘Project Compass’, works for all new projects in Bangalore & Chennai. It is right now available to Google Chrome users and once downloaded, ‘Project Compass’ give instant comparison & analysis when the user is browsing a project on all leading real-estate portals. We cover more than 35 portals & builder websites at this point and will be adding more portals going forward.

The tool solves a huge pain point for the user, who browses multiple real estate portals but does not get to compare and analyze projects in a seamless manner.

The tool essentially helps users in three ways:-
a. Project Analysis
User can see the rating & analysis of the project. The ratings are drawn by comparing the project with other projects in the city. The projects are analysed based on 4 parameters – Builder, Amenities, Connectivity and Neighbourhood. The ratings & analysis are a result of multiple data points which our research team captures about the projects and the surroundings.

b. View & Compare Similar Projects
User can view and compare similar projects in the vicinity using realtycompass Auto-compare algorithm. The algorithm takes into account Builder & Project category, possession date and vicinity into account before drawing comparisons.

c. Compare Prices of the Projects
User can compare prices of the projects being sold by various online brokerage firms and hence decide which broker to go for depending on the broker offering the best price.

Users can download the tool from Chrome Store, or can visit www.realtycompass.com

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