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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Upcoming Trade Fairs

Upcoming Trade Fairs

13.Aug - 16.Aug, 2015
Cairo, Egypt
Buildex Egypt
For Construction Technologies and Building Materials
13.Aug - 16.Aug, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok RHVAC
Bangkok Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Fair
18.Aug - 20.Aug, 2015
Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Int. Water Heating Exhibition
Guangzhou Int'l Water Heating Exhibition
18.Aug - 20.Aug, 2015
Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Int'l Refrigeration, Air-condition, Ventilation & Air-improving Fair
18.Aug - 20.Aug, 2015
Guangzhou, China
China Guangzhou Int'l Electric Heating Exhibition
22.Aug - 24.Aug, 2015
Daressalam, Tanzania
Int'l Trade Exhibition on Building and Construction Products, Equipments and Machinery

Real Estate and Property Trade Shows

02.Sep - 03.Sep, 2015
Gothenburg, Sweden
Meeting Place for the Property Sector
08.Sep - 10.Sep, 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Cityscape Global
Int'l Property Investment & Development Event
09.Sep - 11.Sep, 2015
Kiev, Ukraine
Buy Fashion Business / Купи Fashion бизнес
Int'l Exhibition on Fashion Business Franchising
11.Sep - 13.Sep, 2015
Shanghai, China
Overseas Property and Immigration and Investment Fair (Shanghai)
12.Sep - 13.Sep, 2015
Dresden, Germany
Bauen Kaufen Wohnen
Construction and Real Estate Fair
12.Sep - 13.Sep, 2015
Gdansk, Poland
Residential Property Fair / Targi NowyAdres.pl
Real Estate Fair
12.Sep - 13.Sep, 2015
Poznan, Poland
Residential Property Fair / Targi NowyAdres.pl
Real Estate Fair
12.Sep - 13.Sep, 2015
Warsaw, Poland
Residential Property Fair / Targi NowyAdres.pl
Real Estate Fair
18.Sep - 20.Sep, 2015
Erewan, Armenia
Finance, Credit, Insurance and Audit Expo
Int'l Financing and Crediting Exhibition
22.Sep - 24.Sep, 2015
Joenkoeping, Sweden
Elmia Fastighet
Trade Show on Real Estate Maintenance
22.Sep - 24.Sep, 2015
Joenkoeping, Sweden
Elmia Park
Trade Show on Real Estate, Church, Golf and Contracting
24.Sep - 27.Sep, 2015
Bogota, Colombia
Gran Salón Inmobiliario
Real Estate Exhibition
02.Oct - 04.Oct, 2015
Birmingham, United Kingdom
A Place in the Sun Live
Overseas Property Fair
03.Oct - 11.Oct, 2015
Ghent, Belgium
Building and Real Estate Fair
05.Oct - 07.Oct, 2015
Munich, Germany
Expo Real
Int'l Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment
05.Oct - 07.Oct, 2015
Muscat, Oman
Infra Oman
Int'l Exhibition for Infrastructure and Industrial projects
07.Oct - 11.Oct, 2015
Lisbon, Portugal
Salao Immobilário de Portugal (SIL)
Lisbon Real Estate Exhibition
08.Oct - 11.Oct, 2015
Chisinau, Moldova
Imobil Moldova
Real Estate Fair
09.Oct - 10.Oct, 2015
London, United Kingdom
The Property Investor Show
The Property Investor Show
12.Oct - 15.Oct, 2015
Singapore, Singapore
Int'l Exhibition and Conference on Financial Services
13.Oct - 16.Oct, 2015
Minsk, Belarus
Residential and Commercial Property
Real estate services, rent and purchase of commercial and residential property
15.Oct - 16.Oct, 2015
Vienna, Austria
Int'l Congress Fair for Capital Investment
21.Oct - 25.Oct, 2015
Barcelona, Spain
BMP Barcelona Meeting Point
Real Estate Exhibition
22.Oct - 24.Oct, 2015
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Real Estate Fair / Ярмарка недвижимости
Real Estate Fair
22.Oct - 25.Oct, 2015
Miami, USA
Miami New Construction Show
The Premier Real Estate Show in South Florida for Buyers and Investors
23.Oct - 25.Oct, 2015
Moscow, Russia
Domexpo / Домэкспо
Int'l Real Estate Exhibition
23.Oct - 25.Oct, 2015
Madrid, Spain
Madrid Real Estate Exhibition
27.Oct - 29.Oct, 2015
Dortmund, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for Finance and Insurance Industry
27.Oct - 30.Oct, 2015
Poznan, Poland
Property and Investment Exhibition
27.Oct - 29.Oct, 2015
Novi Sad, Serbia
Int'l Fair of Investment Days of Energetics

The Offsite Construction Show

The Offsite Construction Show is a 2 day event being held from 14th October to the 15th October 2015 at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London, UK. A specialist industry event bringing people together, providing focus, industry perspective and a launchpad for new products and systems. An industry show is the ideal forum for supply chain maintenance and development : the hosted buyer scheme optimises your time. In an increasingly remote digital age, there is simply no substitute for meeting people in person and networking at the industry event. - See more at: http://www.expomagik.com/ExhibitionDetail.aspx?exhiID=3946#sthash.HFbnteDK.dpuf

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Real Estate, Banking & Finance Expo Chandigarh

Date:08-10 May 2015 
Venue:Kisan Bhawan,Sector 35 A
Chandigarh, India


Real Estate, Banking & Finance Expo Chandigarh is a 3 day event being held from 8th May to the 10th May 2015 at the Kisan Bhawan in Chandigarh, India. This event showcases product from Computer Hardware & Software, Gifts & Handicrafts, Natural Stones, Business Services, Architecture & Designing, Real Estate Agents, Food & Beverage industries.

Exhibitor Profile:

The exhibitors of Real Estate, Banking and Finance Expo Chandigarh will include Building and Construction Machinery, Building Materials, Architectural Services Ceramics and Sanitary Ware, Paints and Coatings, Flooring materials, Glass and Glazing, Kitchens and Bath Fittings and Allied Services, Property Launch, Premium Residential Projects, Exquisite Villas and Townships, Plotted Land Service Apartments, Mall and Commercial Space, Business Centers and Multiplexes, State Housing Boards, Government Departments, and Sites for IT Parks, Clubs, Banks, Food and Financial Institutions. This expo will also include exhibitors like Real Estate Developers, Builders and real estate professionals.


Paramount Exhibitors

C-84, Industrial Area- VII, Mohali (Chandigarh)
Mohali, India

A good choice if you are buying or selling your property

Legal Consultation

Legal Consultation – A good choice if you are buying or selling your property
Buying and selling property is certainly a big ordeal. It requires a lot of financial and legal aspects. There is possibility that you can land in trouble if you don’t undertake it with the help of a professional. This is where a real estate lawyer comes in very handy. An experienced lawyer knows the nuances of the business and can help you through the property transactions. You can save lot of time and have assurance that you are on the right path.

Say, for instance if you are on the verge of buying a new property. There is going to be a lot of legal documents related to the property. First of all, the most important document among all is the purchase contract which is a legal document and contains technical jargons. A real estate lawyer can help you in understanding the details mentioned in the document clearly. The property title is also another important document that needs a special mention. Moreover, the attorney can check to see if there are any easements or liens against the property and ensure your safety in procuring the property. Therefore a real estate attorney will do a whole lot of good in making your job simpler and keeping you on the safe side. The other tasks that an attorney is responsible for is to check all the registered documents and make sure it is good to be signed. He can also help you in some of the financial aspects of the property, like the mortgage terms, installments and others.

Selling a property also involves a series of tasks to conform to Indian law. There are many documents that need to be processed and registered. The real estate lawyers are specialized in performing these tasks and are therefore advisable to seek the services of a property lawyer while selling your property. The various tasks like reviewing the binder, preparing the agreement document, negotiation, financial affairs, etc can be properly taken care by a real estate lawyer. There is also huge amount of money that is handed over during the transaction and it requires extra care. There are many kinds of issues that can arise during this process; therefore seeking the specialized services of a lawyer is always a favorable option.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Legal Tips for Buying a New Property

Legal Tips for Buying a New Property
Owning a home is a cherished dream for most of us. However, this dream does not come as easy as it sounds. During this process are a whole lot of paper work, legal affairs and financial transactions. Owning a home can actually be an expensive affair. It is indeed a huge investment for most of us. Listed below are important points to consider and follow while purchasing your new home.

One has to go through lot of paper work and legal formalities before deciding on buying a home. Mostly, the property documents contain a lot of legal jargons that are difficult to understand for a common person.

One of the first documents to verify against the property is the title deed. This is indeed the most important document against all other documents. This document helps to acknowledge that the property is clear and is on sale. It is actually prepared by the seller for his property which could be an individual house, flat etc. The buyer should take efforts to run a clean check of the title deed. This document is required by financial institution if you apply for a home loan.

There are many scenarios that arise in the real estate business. Suppose, if the property you are willing to buy is under construction, then you have to request the builder for a letter of allotment otherwise a development agreement. This document details information such as the price, construction timeline, house framework and completion date. It also states the liability of the builder if he fails to construct the house on time. Upon the payment of deposits, the builder hands over this document to the buyer.

In the event if you are set to buy a readymade property like a flat then you need to make sure that the seller has the title deed, absolute rights and right to transfer property to your name. Moreover, verify if the building has followed BMC, tax and other rules. All legal documents should be original and has to be acquired from the builder.

You might have to spare some expense for stamp duty and verify the sale deed document with the help you an attorney. Stamp duty costs are generally a small percentage of the value of the house. Once the stamp duty is collected, the name of the buyer can be registered against the property

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Union Budget 2015: Wish List and Realty Sector expectations

With the Union Budget 2015 about to be announced on Feb 28th, Industry experts, consumers, developers for real estate in India have their own wish list and high expectations for boosting market sentiments hoping for a turnaround in the housing market. Here are the key expectations:-

1) Lower Home Loan Interest Rate so that housing becomes affordable

Currently Banks offer home loans in the range of 10.15 – 10.45 % which is too high for an average family budget. Budget should lower the home loan interest rate to 7.5 – 8.0 % to enable home buyers to realize their dreams and make home loans affordable.

2) Increase the Tax Exemption on the interest paid towards a home loan

Income tax deduction under 80C for home loan interest is Rs 2 lakh revised from Rs 1.5 lakh in 2014, Budget should allow for Rs 5 lakh as tax exemption which can provide much needed incentive for home buyers.

3) Provide industry status to real estate sector

Borrowing money for developing real estate projects from banks and other finance institutions has been increasing difficult for developers and builders because real estate in india don’t have industry status. Budget should provide industry status to real estate sector in india so that it help boost domestic bank lending, increase foreign direct investments and ease fund flows from external commercial borrowing.

4) Tax benefits for rental housing

Budget should encourage home owners to rent their properties by providing tax benefits. Currently, second home other than your primary residence is taxable. Allowing tax incentives can increase the rental supply in the housing market.

Budget 2015: About 50% buyers want a cut in home loan rates

 By Sruthi Kailas, Magicbricks.com Bureau

There seems to be huge pressure on the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, prior to the upcoming Union Budget 2015 with nearly 50 per cent of the potential home buyers expecting a reduction in the home loan rates.

As a run up to what could be the most critical Union Budgets of all time, Magicbricks has been running surveys and polls to fathom the mood of the property buyer in the country. We have been trying to capture the expectations of the common man with respect to the real estate industry.

Thus, as part of our Budget 2015 campaign, we ran poll titled 'How can Budget 2015 help in your property purchase'. The results of the poll revealed that nearly 50 per cent of the respondents believe that the Budget can help in their property purchase by reducing the home loan rates.

Several industry experts have also been vouching for such a measure in order to bring back some activity in the market that has remained dull for quite some time now. Home loan rates have been quite high keeping potential buyers at bay. Expected lowering of these rates would play a critical role in pulling the property market out of the doldrums it is in today.

Another 35 per cent of the respondents said that they would want a higher tax rebate on loan repayment. In the last budget the FM had increased deduction against interest payment on home loan from the taxable income to Rs 2 lakh from Rs 1.5 lakh. It's been just over six months since the previous budget. Will he dole out something similar this time? We'll have to wait and watch.

The poll also showed that the at least some of the consumers are looking forward to the Goods and Service Tax becoming a reality. Almost 11 per cent of the respondents said they would want the tax to be implemented.

Thus, the FM has a lot riding on his shoulders this time. Come 28th February 2015 and we would know whether our finance minister would stand up to the expectations or not.

Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Romantic Projects in Bangalore to spend the upcoming New Years

  1. Nitesh Napa Valley
Nitesh Napa Valley
Nitesh Napa Valley, a private villas custom designed by Wimberly Allison Tong and Goo from California.  This international gated villa community is spread on over 20 acres of verdant terrain and each villa has lush green gardens. Generous plot sizes and dramatic landscaping provides seclusion to the couple and it makes for a perfect valentine home.  You can have a relaxing walk near the reflective pond, or chit chat with your hubby in the café or watch him play billiards while you enjoy the French wine !
  1. Pursuit Of A Radical Rhapsody
Pursuit Of A Radical Rhapsody
Pursuit of Rhapsody is located on the ITPL main road next to the lake at Hoodi. Homeowners here will have an expansive view of the lake and surrounding greenery. The apartment blocks have been positioned along the profile of the lake – forming a crescent that offers ample landscaped space between the lake and apartments. The project location possesses the dual advantage of being nestled within a secluded and tranquil part of Whitefield, yet being close to downtown Bangalore. These seductively designed villas will offer you and your spouse the opportunity to spend time in serenity.
  1. Sound of Water
The Sound Of Water
Inspired by the elements of Rainforest, The Sound of Water is cocooned amidst the thick green blanket. You can with your hubby enjoy the sound of silence interspersed with bird tweets, cool breeze and water whispers. The landscape is paved with stones, pebbles, river sand, water and grass making you believe that you are on a beach holiday with your spouse. You can also take a barefoot stroll on the thoughtfully laid out walkway leading up to The Temple of Body and Mind.
  1. Le Lexus Stoneview
Le Lexuz Stoneview
Le Lexuz Stoneview offers very peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle bustle of city. In close vicinity to the project you can go with your spouse on a stroll to vineyards, enjoy horse riding and trekking. There is no perfect home than this if you want you want to romanticize with your partner in adventurous fashion.
  1. Prestige Augusta Golf Village
Prestige Augusta Golf Village
Prestige Augusta Golf Village is a unique development of luxury villas & Twin Houses spread over 104 acres of land designed around a 9 hole Golf Course. The project offers you to get in a round of golf with your beloved whenever you wish to! It also features state-of-art Club House equipped with all sporting amenities and you can spend your time with your spouse playing the sports whole day

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